Do your chains hang low?

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetI am clearly obsessed with fluffy keychains. I went on a little adventure to the Park Place Mall to search for  these cute little keychains. The stores I went to were Windsor , H&M , Typo, and Agaci. Not all the store I lingered in had what I was looking for. My mission was to see what each of the stores I listed above had as far as keychains. I personally think the fluffy keychain is making its way out of our lives. I had a difficult time trying to find them. When I walked into Windsor they were one out of the four stores that carried them. Their price points ranged from $4-$6.


I then ventured into H&M where I found cute holographic puffy plastic keychains. H&M did not have any of the fluffy keychains I obsess over but they did have a selection of accessories I was interested in. They had sayings like “Girls rule”, “Girl boss”, and more! I also found a cute holographic teddy bear and unicorn keychains. H&M’s keychains ranged from $3-$5.




You’ve probably wondered who the girl is behind the blog, who’s constantly posting about handbags and accessories …. Well it’s ME!  HELLO , everyone my name is Chesalon Walton. Sounds and  pronounced as Chess(the game) the letter A and lawn ( your front yard). My nickname is chess , pretty simple.  I love fashion and I am pursing my degree in Fashion Marketing.

Here are some Facts about myself!

  • My name is Biblical. The word Chesalon is found in the book of Joshua 15:10.
  • I am 20 years old
  • I currently live in Tucson , Arizona….( Where its hot and dry and a place where can wear shorts year round)
  • I want to pursue a career in fashion styling & Modeling
  • I love to shop
  • My favorite beauty product is a matte lipstick
  • My favorite dish is chicken Strips and chicken Alfredo
  • I love site seeing/ Traveling
  • I am very outgoing and comical

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Thank you to all who have viewed my blog. This is my first actual blog …. and I have had a lot of fun showing you all what I am passionate about.

What are some of your favorite dishes ? What are you MOST passionate about?

Comment Below! 🙂


Marc Jacobs Phone Box Bag

We can all say a big thanks to Marc Jacobs for his wonderful phone box bag! Marc Jacobs uses a whimsical pattern appeared in several of his designs. Polka dots!… This box bag can be mistaken for a coin purse or a clutch. The extra long strap makes this uniquely shaped accessory a mini bag. This bag is perfect for carrying your keys and phone. This product is priced for $228.

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Lions, Tigers , & Elephants?

YOU and I can now own our very own elephant. Something about this  Lowe Elephant mini bag is so adorably cute! It isn’t everyday where you find a bag in the shape of an Elephant! How exotic… if your a bag collector and have a love for elephants, this is the bag for you. The design is so simple and can really get a conversation started. Who doesn’t like pink elephants? Its small size is perfect novelty piece.


Lets address the elephant in the room, it is crafted from the finest tan leather. This bag is perfectly hand-sculpted in the shape of an elephant. It is extremely light and is unlined to showcase the impeccable workmanship.

IMG_4799Would you purchase this cute pink elephant handbag? Let me know in comments! 🙂


Power Puff Keychain!

Ladies and Gentleman….. (drum roll) pleaseeee! I have just discovered the Rebecca Minkoff power puff keychain. This keychain has a hidden surprise.Everyone is aware of the puff ball keychain trend, which you can find the hands or on the bags of our local teenage and young adults. As of now the puff ball keychain is slowly dying out but has been revived by this lovely accessory with technology. At first glance you wouldn’t think there was anything else to the design, but this little fluffy ball is actually a phone charger. It’s stylish and a convient way to store away your phone charger. Have you ever been stranded without a phone charger….. have no fear power puff is here!


The Rebeca Minkoff power puff keychain is made of soft rabbit fur, and secretly carries USB and a lighting charging cables. This accessory attaches to your purse, keys, or backpack by a lobster claw style clasp.

5 Hottest Bag Trends For Spring 2017

The sun is out and summer is here! Here are the five hottest bag trends for spring 2017.Who doesn’t want to hold  this cute fashionable arm candy?

1.Cinch Bags

It is the evolution of the bucket bag. Here is a picture of Alexander Wang’s Cinch Bag.


2. Handles with care Bag

The Circled structured handle is absolutely trending! There’s no question about holding tight to our fashionable handy bags. Here is a picture of Givenchy’s handle with care bag.


3.Mini Handbags

How small can you go? The mini handbag is making it’s rounds in the hands of celebrities and people like you! These cute little bags give you enough space for your essentials…. like a cellphone or card holder. That’s all we need now-a-days! Below is a cute mini bag from Fendi.


4.The bigger the better

This trend is one of my personal favorites, I love big bags and I can not lie! You can never go wrong with a little extra space. Over sized tote bags / purses are still going strong! Here is a picture of one of the biggest Celine bag I have ever seen.


5.Pop Prints

We see you loud and clear. Pop prints on hand bags have been a recurring trend. Graphic prints , bold colors, and unique prints are the components to a must have bag. Here is one bold bag from Versace.


From Drab to Fab!

Listen up viewers …. all of our lives are about to change. The old boring granny  fanny pack has just transformed into a hip must have accessory! Stella McCartney  has designed the latest belt bag (fanny pack) to wear with your everyday attire.  This bag is worth $1,210.00 and made out of 70% Polyurethane, 15% Polyamide,  and 15% Polyester. It features 5 pouches in different sizes and  comes in small , medium , and large with three snaps at the back. This bag is available two colors honey yellow and ivory.

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Major Key Alert!!

I have some news to share to all of my amazing followers.  ULT Key is the newest fashion technology accessory keychain and it is a must have! ULT key has great convenient features such as: a garage door opener,  a portable charger,  a digital clock, and a GPS tracking device that connects to a mobile app all in one! ULT Key is for both men and women and  comes in various shapes, styles , and colors. To expand on this astonishing product ULT Key is collaborating with Flex sunglasses, where you are able to match your ULT key accessory with your Flex sunglasses and connect both items to the mobile app. With a press of button you will have all your necessities at your finger tips while still looking attractive.You’ll never loose another accessory again.

Go check out to check out their stunner shades!

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Fashionably Functional  : My Top 3  

Having trouble finding  your credit card in that cluttered purse of yours in the line of a convenient store? Here are some cute accessible wallet trends to save you time from digging in your purse/wallets. 

The Wallet Phone Case

If you are one of those people who sleeps, eats, and breathes your cell Phone this wallet might be perfect for you. The wallet phone case is one of the biggest wallet trends I have observed in the hands of people. It is convenient and can save you a lot of time.

A Card Holder

Card holders have taken the place of wallets. If you are one of those people who always have card and never cash these organizational holders are very helpful. Brands like Michael Kors , Louis Vuitton, and Gucci all have fashionable  SLGs to access your plastic…. Swipe responsibly.

Money Clip

The money clip has been around for quite some time.  Now money clips have become an easy and fashionable way to access your money in a timely manner! Enjoy spending!


Handbag Essentials


Ladies, we all know our handbags can weigh us down… Learning how to condense  our “baggage” is a key component we should try to practice in our daily lives. Bubble gum wrappers , shopping receipts, make-up , and more might have a home in our purses right now.  Here are six essential items to keep your purse and your life organized and well stocked.

  1. Lotion:  Lotion is very important to carry in your purse, the weather is constantly changing and you never know when your hands will need to be moisturized.
  2. Breath Mints: Make breath mints your best friend. Right after eating a delicious onion or garlic infused  meal. Breath mints will save your life before your important business meetings.
  3. Powder Compact: Freshen up your beautiful face after a busy day. Long-lasting facial powder will make you look as if you did not break a sweat.
  4. Perfume: A roll-on travel size perfume is the perfect small item that will keep you smelling great throughout the day without taking up a lot of space in your bag.
  5. Mirror: A handy dandy mirror will never get old. Who doesn’t like checking themselves out here and there.
  6. Lipstick: Always carry emergency lipstick. A fresh coat of lipstick will maintain your signature style. Never leave your house without it …. never.