Handbag Essentials


Ladies, we all know our handbags can weigh us down… Learning how to condense  our “baggage” is a key component we should try to practice in our daily lives. Bubble gum wrappers , shopping receipts, make-up , and more might have a home in our purses right now.  Here are six essential items to keep your purse and your life organized and well stocked.

  1. Lotion:  Lotion is very important to carry in your purse, the weather is constantly changing and you never know when your hands will need to be moisturized.
  2. Breath Mints: Make breath mints your best friend. Right after eating a delicious onion or garlic infused  meal. Breath mints will save your life before your important business meetings.
  3. Powder Compact: Freshen up your beautiful face after a busy day. Long-lasting facial powder will make you look as if you did not break a sweat.
  4. Perfume: A roll-on travel size perfume is the perfect small item that will keep you smelling great throughout the day without taking up a lot of space in your bag.
  5. Mirror: A handy dandy mirror will never get old. Who doesn’t like checking themselves out here and there.
  6. Lipstick: Always carry emergency lipstick. A fresh coat of lipstick will maintain your signature style. Never leave your house without it …. never.

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