5 Hottest Bag Trends For Spring 2017

The sun is out and summer is here! Here are the five hottest bag trends for spring 2017.Who doesn’t want to hold  this cute fashionable arm candy?

1.Cinch Bags

It is the evolution of the bucket bag. Here is a picture of Alexander Wang’s Cinch Bag.


2. Handles with care Bag

The Circled structured handle is absolutely trending! There’s no question about holding tight to our fashionable handy bags. Here is a picture of Givenchy’s handle with care bag.


3.Mini Handbags

How small can you go? The mini handbag is making it’s rounds in the hands of celebrities and people like you! These cute little bags give you enough space for your essentials…. like a cellphone or card holder. That’s all we need now-a-days! Below is a cute mini bag from Fendi.


4.The bigger the better

This trend is one of my personal favorites, I love big bags and I can not lie! You can never go wrong with a little extra space. Over sized tote bags / purses are still going strong! Here is a picture of one of the biggest Celine bag I have ever seen.


5.Pop Prints

We see you loud and clear. Pop prints on hand bags have been a recurring trend. Graphic prints , bold colors, and unique prints are the components to a must have bag. Here is one bold bag from Versace.



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